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Social Stories

Children have individual needs and often need help with individual situations. A customized social story can help. 

A social story, as defined by thought leader and special needs teacher by Carol Gray, is “a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals and people with autism of all ages.” Integrated Pediatric Therapies defines it as “appropriate social behaviors in the form of concrete, visual cues that make the information more digestible for kids who aren’t able to conceptualize an image when someone verbally explains what to do or what to expect.”

At Dei’s Care, we understand that children with Autism and behavioral needs often need these visual cues and concrete statements in order to understand the world around them. Every environment, situation, home life and community setting comes with its own set of challenges and we customize our stories to fit all of these individual situations. 

This service is offered individually or as part of our behavior consultations. Contact us today to talk about developing one for your situation.

Below is a video about social stories, in addition to an example that we offer at Dei’s Care.

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