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Dei's Care

Hi! I'm Mrs. Day!

Dayona Ellis is a full-time working wife and mother of 5 living in Lancaster County and doing her best to serve her church, job, community and family. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology with a Concentration in Religious Studies from Central Connecticut State University, went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Education and Curriculum Design from American Intercontinental University and then a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis From Penn State University in State College before becoming a licensed Behavior Specialist for the State of Pennsylvania. She is an Adjunct Member of the Fellowship of Biblical Counselors.

Currently employed as a Clinician, Behavior Specialist and Independent Contractor, she is also the owner of Dei’s Care Consulting LLC. Dei’s Care specializes in providing biblical counseling, consultation, training and therapeutic interventions for families and churches to make the church and home a sanctuary for all individuals emotional, behavioral and neurological needs.

Dayona also serves in numerous youth ministries within Lancaster County and with her home church Living Christ Church, located in East Petersburg, PA. 

Dayona Ellis

What does "Dei's" Care mean?

"Dei" is the Latin word for God. The bible tells us that each and every one of us were made in the "Imago Dei" or "Image of God". 

“Dei” is the Latin word for God. The bible tells us that each and every one of us were made in the “Imago Dei” or “Image of God”. 

I believe that each of us, whether man or woman, boy or girl, autistic or not, reflects God’s image. Thus, we are to be treated as such. 

Children who struggle with a diagnosis are not “broken”. They have the capacity to engage God, to know Him and to overcome their challenges with compassionate  care and support.

When I started Dei’s Care, it was important for me to first and foremost establish that your children are being committed to GOD’S care, not my own. While I may be a tool that He uses to support your child, He ultimately meets their needs.

Dei’s Care exists for one singular purpose: to help families and children with neurological disorders reflect the God who made them.

My Story, God's Testimony

I had been working in the field of behavioral health for 10 years before our youngest son Jaxon was born. We were aware of a developmental delay with Jaxon from the time he was born and then at 7 months, he was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis of the brain, eventually helping us discover his formal autism diagnosis. These pictures are a small glimpse of that journey but if you want to read more about my testimony with him, God and the journey to where we are today.

Today, Jaxon is a thriving child who not only is learning to manage his diagnosis but also who knows that both God and his family loves him.

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