Sending your child back to school during the Covid-19 pandemic can be frustrating and even scary. What if they take it off? Is it even sanitary? Like most of you parents, my husband and I have struggled with the decision to send our children back to school, especially our youngest who has Autism.

Below is a social story that I created for Jaxon and his teachers to use in regards to using a mask. Children with Autism are more than likely going to struggle with this. However, we can do our best to prepare them for success.

  • The concept of the “Social Story” was developed by educator and pioneer Carol Gray. For more information about her work, visit

If you need help navigating school decisions, would like a social story written or are in need of consultation options for your child during the Coronavirus Pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


My name is Jaxon. This is me wearing a mask.

My mom and dad told me I have to wear a mask to be safe. I don’t like wearing a mask, but I want to be safe, so I wear one.

There are many people getting sick from the Coronavirus.

When people cough or breathe on others, they can spread the Coronavirus

I wear my mask to keep me safe from the Coronavirus.

If I do not wear my mask people can breathe or cough on me and give me the Coronavirus

I will have to wear a mask at school too.

I may get sad that I cannot touch my friends or see their faces but that’s ok.

I know my friends still like me and they are smiling under their mask.

I can smile under my mask too.

I can also use my word to tell people how I feel. They can hear me talking under my mask.

Sometimes I need a break from wearing my mask.

If I need a break, I just hold up this card to tell my teacher I need a break from my mask.

When I go on break, I must go in my own personal space and take my mask off.

No one can be around me when I take my mask off. It is to keep them safe.

When I am all done taking a break, I put my mask back on and join my class.

I can also wear my shield if i do not want to wear my mask.

The shield keeps me safe just like my mask.

It protects other people from coughing or breathing on me so I don’t get the Coronavirus.

Wearing a mask or a shield is different. But different is ok because I am safe.

And I do not have to wear it all day, just at school or in stores.

When I go home around my family, I can take my mask or shield off.

My name is Jaxon and I am being safe!